Carloway Shelties is a hobby kennel located on five beautiful acres in Northeast Illinois about one hour north of Chicago in Antioch, Illinois.

We have been involved with showing purebred dogs for over 30 years, finishing our first champion (Collie) in 1974.  Our Shelties have won prestigious specialty shows all over the country.
Our breeding philosophy is to  incorporate only those Shelties who are excellent representatives of the breed and possess correct Sheltie type and temperament.  The dog show arena is a sport I am passionate about but also serves as a proving ground for the quality of Shelties my breeding program is producing.  All dogs used for breeding are tested for eyes, hips, vWD and thyroid disease before becoming a part of my breeding program.

In each well planned litter, there are beautiful pets available as companions to approved loving homes as well as my next show hopefuls.  These pets are sold on spay or neuter agreements only.  We strive to match each puppy placed as a companion into a compatible home based on the prospective family's lifestyle, family size, work schedule, experience in dog ownership and several other factors.  This is why we will not ship puppies as pets around the country and only sell pet puppies to people who  have  visited us personally to meet and interact with our dogs. Our puppies are sold with a written contract which includes a two year health guarantee.  We provide extensive written material regarding training, grooming and keeping your new pet healthy and happy.  We are also available through the life of the dog for questions and advice.

We have dedicated a large part of our life together to the betterment of the breed.  We have made sacrifices but the rewards we receive from living with our dogs on a day-to-day basis have provided us with so much love and happiness.


   Susan is a proud member of  

The American Shetland Sheepdog Association
 Interlocking Shetland Sheepdog Club
Illinois Dog Club & Breeder Association
Collie Club of America
Central States Collie Club 

Susan is an AKC licensed judge of Shelties and Collies